Clockwork Dilation

by Colossal Figures

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GeN2Mo Even though the riffing sounds a bit too much like 'Modern Progressive Metal by numbers' at times, they make up for it with some pretty great melodies both in guitar/synth-interaction and vocals and some slightly unorthodox song structuring.
There's a great lot of potential shining through here. Favorite track: Lost.
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released July 10, 2014

Produced, mixed and mastered by Rijul Victor at Powerhouse Studios, New Delhi.

Artist -

Vocalist - Govind Marodia
Bassist - Karsan Chaudhary
Drummer - Rijul Victor
Guitarist - Karan Mehta
Lead Guitarist - Saksham Gupta

Album artwork -

Aaksh Anand (India)
Jordan Salmon (Canada)




Colossal Figures Delhi, India

Formed in the last month of 2009, a conglomerate of near ideologies parenthesize together to deliver an exemplary sonic experience. Even with a diverse individual background, the resonance of musical repartee fundamentally drove them to a near utopian contribution to the idea that began as metalcore, but quickly metamorphosed and evolved to a progressive standpoint. ... more

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Track Name: Stone to Water
The thought of my existence,
yet another day,
absence of wholeness.
Discretely I,
measuremy discordant thoughts,
Amplified with guilt
I succumb to,

Another day,
feeling sure
I will go somewhere

You Find Your Purpose

Do you see me?
I'm wrapped around withsheets of faith
I’ve never known defeat within,
all I've known conscious greed
I've seen myself fade away
but a question remains;
will this be the same?

Rise through - this system
created - false
understanding of faith
in oneself
carries on

Time slowlypasses by &
still I fall
Cries call theend of time
still I fall

So easily we fall....
Track Name: Floodrush
For so long,
it wondered 'lone
No conclusions to anything,
screamed into spaces

Another day,
stood still
reached suspension

Can you see
what’s happening?
Or are we just listening?
Or are you letting
murder yourself for

How could it just end this way,
flowing out
within me
this feeling
resembling re-birth
to a new life
Track Name: Lost
Stand alone or,
with a million;
No such feeling that
you can, point at.

Something that we can
never feel this way
Hiding under the meanings or away
So close your eyes
&make a choice
Its somewhere there
That hit me
like a stone to my head
Here I am

Here I am
with no where to rest my feet
Its such a lie
that cannot erode!

Can you see those people,
walking to where they belong?
Yet you stand behind,
wandering where you belong.
Do you know you're a life?
Do you know where you belong?

I feel alone

This feeling sets in
of an absence within,
turning into sheets of nothing
There's so much gaining in
Am i really lost?
Track Name: Korotkov Core
Its easy to forget the ones who stay down,
its hard to be the one around!
Another way to kill all your time,
containing all your life,
in your hands,
Complicate yourself,
in your hands!

Going weary with despised thoughts for
I look down upon my,

Trapped inside this body of mine,
Walking aimless with empty hands.

No edge, No knife;
exactly, how you could be!
Because someone put a fine, on all things we reap
We suffer! We suffer in soul

Trapped inside this body of mine
walking aimless with empty hands
Try not to hold yourself
from something you're not
Oh there’s a reason,
a reason to hold onto your faults
Track Name: Relapse
Climbing the walls,
with falling rocks.
You climb this far,
yet seems too far.
In no time you
Realize this once,
you're just too far,
you're just too far!

Inside a lie,
my hand still waits
for you. ANYMORE

And this time, there’s no one,
to cover up,
your consciousness,
you’re left with

You keep on flying,
away from me, you go.
And keeps in torments,
whatever you have sowed

And again you're dragged down,
You're falling apart,
yet seems too far.

And now we fall,
for a reason we fall.
we're just too far;
And I fall.

and maybe you will find your way
There’s so much to believe in
Track Name: Brand New Sun
Too much to carry forward,
too much to know for my own fall.
Too less of chances to miss,
such little strength to hold.

There is no hope for
another rising sun
There will be fire
A fire within us

I see it coming
I see it coming

Can you see it?

I see it coming
I see it coming
Track Name: Suffuse
all your faces,
for there is no one to hide behind

Wash all the fears that you drowned
in a sea of secrets
Hold your Ground!
Hold your Ground!

Signs that lead you on
seen at a distance?
Were only a method to
carry you away

Change the way we are
Here to stay we are we are!

Make more
of now,
than tomorrow